Thursday, September 7, 2017

"Bend the knee" a GOT Inspired Proposal!

He bent his knee and I said YES! 

Bend the knee my lord and we'll be allies for a lifetime!

God knows how many times I prayed for this moment. Every time I would hear about a friend getting engaged or whenever I get invited to a wedding, I couldn't help but to imagine what it would be like if it's already my will I react when EJ finally pops the will he pop the question. 

I'm not good when it comes to waiting, especially when I have no idea when it's going to happen or if it's ever going to happen. I think any girl who is in a long term relationship can relate to this. Sometimes, I would pick fights with EJ just 'coz I'm frustrated he hasn't asked me to marry him yet. I mean come on, I'm not getting any younger. Also, I don't like the feeling of getting left out. Most of our friends are already engaged and it made me very very as in very insecure. It made me think that perhaps there's something wrong with me or with us that's why he hasn't asked yet.

Now that my waiting is over (aaah finally), I realized how selfish I've been. The paragraph before this confirms that. It's always "I" or "me". I didn't even consider what he's going through. I only saw my  own pains. Haay, only child syndrome. 

First pointer to review in preparation for becoming a wifey: Don't be selfish! Think about your hubby too! 

 Everytime I would pick a fight, he would always tell me to just trust him and to let him do it in his own time. He said he will only propose to a girl once so he wants to make it as memorable as possible. And that he did! 

Second pointer to review in preparation for becoming a wifey: Just trust in him! 

I'm sure I'll have more pointers to review soon, but in the meantime, here's the deets on the proposal! Yiiiee everyone's favorite! 

I thought it was just another trip to Subic with friends. Mo and Minnie (my soon to be Maid of Honor!) has been dying to take us to the Inflatable Island for months. Inflatable Island is this bouncy playground almost the size of 8 basketball courts and is loaded with playground-like obstacles like slides, swings, and bouncy trampolines. All this while floating above water!

Our upper body strengths were definitely tested. The sliding part was the fun part. The climbing part, errr...not so much! 2 hours on the Inflatable Island felt like a whole day in the gym! I just wanted to lie down after. Good thing EJ didn't propose there! Although he did say that he considered the idea. My God!!!

The whole trip was like a walk down memory lane. Every turn has a story. When he was still a sales agent in Alaska Milk, Subic used to be one of his areas and I would tag along whenever I can. 

EJ: Babe, that's our usual stop over remember?
Kat: Oh yeah!!! 
EJ: Remember when I let you drive my car here? 
Kat: Oooh 'coz you were teaching me how to drive! 
EJ: We used to stay in that hotel.
Kat: Ooh the one with an E-gaming place?! 

A sense of nostalgia before popping the question. Well played sir, well played!!! 

On our last night, we had our usual chill session where everyone agreed to play a game of charades. Just a little backstory, whenever we play it's always girls vs. boys and the girls would always lose. EJ and I would end up fighting after, lol! So we did one round of charades, category was songs, and the girls won! EJ is claiming that they made us win on purpose so I would be in a good mood. Hmpf, whatevs! Lol! 

Then someone, I forgot who, suggested Pinoy Henyo as our second game. I got excited when they chose Game of Thrones as a category 'coz I'm such a fan! 

Rachel and Josh played first. By the way, Rachel's fam owns the house where we stayed in Subic Homes, Binictican. Her fambam was very accommodating and her mom was super cool. She joined us on our first chill night session. Super thanks to the Rustias! Anyway, going back to the game, Josh did the guessing and the name he needed to guess was Theon Grayjoy. He wasn't able to get it though. 

Next was me and EJ, and of course I did the guessing. I needed to guess the phrase, "bend the knee", which is what Daenerys said to Jon Snow. The moment I figured it out (which took longer than expected), he bent his knee and he proposed!!!!! 

Here's a video of the whole proposal:
Posted this video on Facebook and it already has 1.7k views, 409 likes and a hundred plus comments! #trending 

On my previous entry, I mentioned that I forgot how masterful EJ is when it comes to surprises. This proposal is soooo us! I cried 'coz of shock, 'coz of kilig, and 'coz of happiness. It was an indescribable feeling seeing the man I love down on one knee asking me to marry him in front of our beloved friends. 

After that he showed me some of the video messages he got from my close friends and my mom! I was so touched when he told me he stopped by my house to talk to my mom and to ask for her blessing. He messaged my dad on Facebook and asked for his blessing too! He's such a gentleman. 

I sooo love my ring! It's so sparkly and big! Thank God it's white gold! Lol! 

So this is it!!! The moment I've been waiting for is finally here! Planning will definitely start soon! 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Choose Your Battles

All I want in life is simple. I just want to be happy. I just want to live a life close to my loved ones and do away with unnecessary stress. Stressing over situations, work, people, is not a healthy way to live. Call me naive or whatever, but I'd like to imagine a world where there's no conflict. A world where everybody gets along, respects each other, and no one thinks of himself higher or above the other. Could be possible especially when you're surrounded by the right people, but in most cases you're not. 

No matter where you are, regardless of what you do, you'll always encounter someone who will test your patience and understanding. Someone who will make you question or doubt your abilities. These people are sharks. The moment they smell blood they won't hesitate to attack. 

So what do you do when there's a shark in the horizon lurking, swimming in circles waiting for a good time to strike? Be strong. Don't let them smell the blood. Be still, calm down, just let them swim around you. Eventually they will leave. 

But what if a shark already smelled the blood and attacked? Of course you fight back! You fight with everything you've got. 

This is one fight I'm not ashamed to walk away from though. It's pointless and unnecessary to stress over. If there's one thing I've learned for the past (almost) 29 years of my life, that's choosing my battles.

I'm going to be the bigger person and just let everything go. And to be honest I'm super relieved. Life is too short, I don't want to waste it. 

Friday, July 21, 2017


It's hard to see how blessed you are sometimes especially when you're focusing on the things you don't have rather than being grateful for the things you do have. Sorting through my travel photos and compiling them into one social media account really helped put everything into perspective for me. Special thanks to all of the artsy travelers and celebrities I follow on Instagram. Their accounts truly inspired me.

Do check out @diaryofaneko on Instagram and follow me so I can follow you guys back! 😀

I realized that I've dedicated the past 4 years of my life to travel and relationship goals. The career paths I've chosen lead me to its accomplishment and for that I'm eternally grateful. I really believe in the Law of Attraction. If you claim for something to be yours, then it shall be yours. It just might take a while sometimes but eventually the universe will conspire to give you your heart's desire. No matter what happens just focus on your end goal. But I have to admit, the waiting sucks big time.

I guess it's human nature to become envious of people who have what you currently lack in your life. I'll be 29 soon and to be honest, if I just strictly followed my timeline, I could have been a wife and a mother by now. This is rather frustrating for someone who is so anal about life plans. But then again everything happens for a reason and I have no choice but to accept that it's not yet my season.

A friend of mine shared her take on patience and how she used her time to prepare herself mentally, physically, and spiritually before she became a Mrs.
On her blog post she talked about Grace in waiting. It was a good read, but it's coming from a perspective of someone whose waiting has already ended. Mine is still in the process and I'm really struggling to see it in her point of view. But I'm trying.

This used to be her wallpaper so she can constantly remind herself to be patient. It's my wallpaper now too. Go ahead, if you feel impatient, save it and use it as your wallpaper too. 😊

Being patient is really not one of my strongest attributes. I can't stand long lines, I can't stand traffic, and I can't stand long flights. When I want something done, I want it done right away. In my head, if I can't have it now then I might as well not have it at all. Yeah, I sound like a 6 year old brat. 

It really hurts to wait. If I can fast forward everything in my life, I would just so I can skip through all of the uncertainties. I'm trying my best though. God knows I am. And His instruction is pretty clear. Keep holding on even if it hurts. 😢 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Legit Surprised!

I like the feeling of being legitimately surprised. You know, the kind that you really have no idea about. You just get caught up in the moment not sure of what to do or how to react. It takes a few moments before you fully absorb everything that's happening.  It's like you're in a trance. And as soon as it sinks in, all you can do is smile.

EJ doesn't surprise me very often but when he does, it really leaves me speechless. I guess I forgot how masterful he is when it comes to surprises. And it doesn't even matter whether it's a super grand gesture or just a simple one. All of his surprises work wonderfully to me.

Yesterday seemed like just an ordinary day, very routine-ish. I would drop him a line or 2 on FB messenger whenever I get a breather from work. He would call me during my lunch break just to say hi and I love you, yihee! 😍

Before my shift ends, he asked me if I can meet up with his friend, Khan, who was just in the area. In my head I was like, who's Khan? How come I've never heard of him before? But I figured he's probably a friend from Fight Saber Philippines so I just said okay. He asked me where I parked my car and if I'm already on my way. That time I was just about to go down and step out of our building. I was going about my usual after shift ways, too tired and stressed out to notice my surroundings when someone stood in front of me obviously trying to get my attention. When I looked up, it was him! Smiling while holding a medium McDonald frozen Coke!

So obviously the whole "meeting up with Khan thing" was just a plot. I was legitimately surprised! And swear it's the best feeling ever! Napakahusay! Napakilig niya talaga ako! 

So for those of you who accidentally spoiled a surprise at some point in your life, please reach out again to those whom you spoiled the surprise for. You robbed them of that feeling and it's not cool! Wahahaha! 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

What's Your Why?

What's your why? What's your reason for getting out of bed every single day? This topic was discussed during our mini summit last month. The facilitator, who is our Operations Manager, asked everyone in the group to give their whys. Some of the answers were pretty generic like, "My why is to go to work so I can earn money for my family." It's true though. Most people get out of bed every single day not necessarily for themselves but for the people they love. And so, it got me thinking of my own why.

 Cue in Nescafe's catch phrase, "para kanino ka ba bumabangon?" 

Our whys depend on our priorities, and we tend to prioritize things based on the level of its importance. Our priorities change over time. A married couple for example has a different priority than a non-married one. Someone with a high paying job has a different priority than a minimum wage earner. So, what is my priority? 

Mine is just pretty simple actually. I just simply want to be happy. That's the reason why I do what I do. I do calligraphy 'coz it makes me happy. Getting money out of it is just a bonus.I travel 'coz it makes me happy. Being in a different place can give you a different perspective, and we need that from time to time. I support EJ in all of his endeavors 'coz it makes me happy seeing him happy. So basically, I prioritize people and things that make me happy. 

In a workplace, it's important to know your employees'whys. That way you can gauge employee satisfaction and come up with programs and incentives that are geared towards that. However, individual satisfaction is subjective and no matter how good your program is, there's no guarantee that you can please all of them. People have no satisfaction. We always end up wanting more. 

Eversince I got promoted, I became obsessed with team dynamics and human connection. I noticed that my team works better if they're in good terms with each other and if they're in good terms with me. As their Squad Lead, I like to connect with them in a non-intimidating supervisor-employee level. I want them to feel open to share any issues or concerns that may have an effect on their individual and team performances. Respect goes both ways. I have to earn their respect as much as they have to earn mine. Based on experience, employees don't leave companies 'coz of the company itself. They leave 'coz of bad management. 

I think developing people is somewhat my calling. This is also my why, the reason why I get up and drive to work everyday. More than the salary (which is not very big). I'm happy whenever people from my team reach their target KPIs. I'm happy whenever they get an incentive. I'm happy to see some of them become mentors and Squad Leads. I'm happy when I inspire them to push through even if they already feel like giving up. 

I guess it's only human to feel feel exhausted from all of the responsibilities we have to deal with every single day. And if I have the power to grant unlimited rest days to myself and to other people, I will. Who wouldn't want to curl up in bed the whole day everyday or play PS4 to your heart's content? 

When you feel exhausted, you don't necessarily need to quit. You just have to pause, take deep breaths, relax, and rest. And while you're resting, think about your whys. 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Beach Please!

I still have a hang over from our recent Boracay trip, wahahaha! Man, it's been like 2 weeks since we got back yet I still daydream about its sandy white shores! Sometimes I act as if I'm still on vacation even if I'm in the office. Oh the side effects of taking vacation leaves!

 I decided to make something out of this hang over by making it my inspiration for the first ever framed calligraphy collection of Kindred Spirits! I'm still in the process of creating the website. I wanted to wait until its launch before I share it but I don't think it's going to be ready anytime soon. It's not that I can't find the time. I'm just an absolute perfectionist making revisions all the time! Arrg so frustrating!

Anyway, here it is, a first look at my newest project!

The Beach Please! collection!

An 18x24 white framed calligraphy showcasing 3 ingredients that definitely makes life worthwhile. 

For those of you dreaming of a neverending summer...haaay. 

The sea truly has a distinct smell to it, one that can be very nostalgic. And summer skies always leave us golden, a true testament to the term, sunny disposition! 

Yes please!!!!!! Who needs Monday if you can be in the beach?! 

F**ck it I'm a mermaid!!! 

I look forward to another Boracay getaway with my lovelies! And hopefully, I can finish the website so I can start selling these babies online! 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Boracay Summer Getaway 2017

When you ask most Filipinos what their favorite Summer destination is, they'll most likely tell you it's Boracay. I used to think Boracay is overrated. Since it has been around for quite some time now, I was under the impression that it's not as pristine as it used to be. But I was dead wrong! 

My boyfriend and I just recently came back from a 5 days and 4 nights Boracay Summer getaway with friends. It was a first for the both of us actually, which I think made it more memorable. For first timers, Boracay definitely didn't disappoint. I now understand why most of our friends choose to go back every year, especially the unhitched ones, *wink wink* hehe! The island vibe is just so relaxing it can make you not want to leave anymore. 

Shout out to my friend, Jayzel, of 7Clouds Travel and Tours who hooked us up with affordable flights from Air Asia, and a nice near the beach front hotel accommodation in Eco Hotel. You've done it again my friend! As usual, happy customer right here! :)

Some people say hotel rooms don't matter since you'll be spending most of your time frolicking anyway. I disagree. Since you'll be very tired from all of the frolicking you'll be doing during the day, it's all the more reason to get a comfortable and hassle free accommodation to help you recharge and enjoy another round of frolicking the next day. Eco Hotel provided us with that. 

Eco Hotel, as the name implies, is an eco friendly hotel. I like how they turn recycable items into really nice decorations.

These lights in the hotel lobby for example, are made from used plastic spoons! Such a beauty for a DIY enthusiast like me! 

I love that our room is just on the ground floor and our view is filled with relaxing organic greens. It's photogenic too! 

I also love their breakfast nook's wall art. I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence or if Jayzel really planned to book us in an artsy hotel 'coz she knows I would love it. Either way, I'm super happy! Actually they have other interesting wall arts but I'm gonna leave that up to you guys to check out, hehe! 

Just to clarify, this isn't a paid post okay. I just really enjoyed staying there and I think you guys would enjoy it there too! :) 

Day 1

Touchdown Bora-cay! Say it with a break between bora and cay, hehehe! :p 

Jayzel also hooked us up with van transfers from Caticlan airport going to the port, where we rode a speedboat, and from the port going to our hotel. It was super convenient. By the way, it's better to get a flight from Manila to Caticlan 'coz it's just a 5-10 minutes speedboat ride away compared to Kalibo which is 1-2 hours. Anyway, we strolled around after checking in and met up with our friends who were there ahead of us. 

A representative of Crown Regency spotted me and EJ in Caticlan Port and offered us a free tour of their Oceanarium with free dinner to which we gladly obliged. We even had 2 of our friends with their kid tag along. Keyword, FREE. 

The only glitch was we had to endure the sales talk involved. But then again we get it, I mean, we're in the sales industry too you know. Again, keyword, FREE. :p

After that, we met up with a few more friends and chilled in Exit Bar by the beach until we finally decided to go back to our hotel to rest and get ready for the next day. 

Day 2

Island hopping beybeh!!! #wheninboracay2017 woot woot!!!

For only 450 php per head, we were taken to 3 different breathtaking islands inclusive of a satisfying lunch buffet. They even allowed us to bring canned beers in the boat. Amazing right?! 

Our first stop was Magic Island where tourists usually go for cliff diving. For just a minimal fee of 150 php, you can go cliff diving all you want! I didn't go for it though, 'coz I can't swim, huhuhu! 

Sorry for the low quality of this video. It's EJ cliff diving at 10 meters. 

Our next stop was Crystal Cove island. We just chilled there by the beach with our beers actually. We didn't go in anymore to explore the caves and all that jazz 'coz there's a fee and we weren't really in the mood for it. I heard it's nice though. Maybe we can do that on our next Boracay getaway, tee-hee! The beach there was so clear, as in lumot free! 

Crystal Cove island is <3 

Then we head on to our lunch buffet, which was awesome by the way just sayin, before heading on to Puka Beach. 

Behind us is Puka spelled using bamboo sticks, but I just realized it's not very visible. Oh well, hihi. 

Gosh Puka beach is sooo pretty! Take me back please, take me back! 

After island hopping, we dressed up in time for dinner. Free dinner again actually, haha! Our friend's tita has a lovely home in Boracay where she's currently staying with her Scottish husband. They were kind enough to invite us all for a hearty dinner and a few drinks. :) 

Thank you so much to the Andersons for their hospitality! 

Day 3

On the 3rd day we went Parasailing!!! 

Aaack soo cheesy! When our future kids see this someday they're going to cringe! 

Again, sorry for the low quality of this video. 

Day 4

You know that sepanx feeling you get when it's the last day of your vacation? Aaarggg I seriously wished for that day to never end! 

We spent our last day in this interesting place called Spider House. It's a few minutes away from station one where you and your friends can stay and chill, view the sunset, or if you're adventurous enough dive into the open sea through a deck designed just for that. It was super cozy, the acoustic performer was awesome, and you can really get into the hipster vibe. 

I chill harder than you party! :p <3 

What a solid place to cap off our last day. :) 

We'll definitely go back to Boracay! Next summer hopefully! I want salt in the air and sand in my hair again! 

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