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I Thee Wed part 2

Yes, this is yet another blog post about weddings and getting married, lol! 😝  You'll be seeing a lot of posts about that by the way so brace yo selves! Here's I Thee Wed part 1 in case you guys missed it! Lol!
I just want to share how much I wish EJ didn't propose this late in our relationship so that we wouldn't end up setting our wedding date close to some of our friends' wedding dates. Not that I don't like celebrating love and life with these awesome peeps, it's just that we are currently racking our brains out figuring out our program flow so as not to make it look and feel similar to any of the first weddings we've attended. Like originally, we wanted a hyped up kind of wedding wherein there'll be fun performances from us (bride and groom) backed up by our entourage. There'll be interesting wedding games too to be facilitated by the emcee (we have no idea who that is yet but I'm sure we'll figure it out soon), and 90s Hip Hop an…
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Once in a Blue Moon

Hindi sa tala sa langit kundi sa buwang nakasilip, ibigay ang hiling ng matang nakapikit! 
I’m so happy I didn’t miss the chance to see this once in a lifetime super blue blood moon. It’s actually 3 lunar events happening all at once— a super moon, a blue moon, and a blood moon! 
A super moon is when the moon is at its closest approach to Earth causing a gravitational pull which kinda explains why Mayon Volcano is currently acting up. It’s also making me act up due to the influence of the cosmic weather! During this time, emotions are said to become heightened. Scientific studies show that sleep is actually affected when the moon is full, so when you have less sleep, you can be grumpy throughout the day. That explains why my sleeping pattern is completely off and I easily get agitated lately! Hahaha! Did I just blame my mood swings on the moon’s gravitational pull?! 😆 
A blue moon is actually a lunar eclipse happening twice in one month. It’s a very rare phenomenon, that’s why the te…

Glamcon MNL 2018

The first ever Glam Convention in the Philippines happened last Sunday, January 21 at the SMX Aura Convention, BGC. It was a gathering of talented and beautiful people, local and international beauty brands, make up junkies, beauty bloggers and vloggers, and beauty advocates of all shapes, sizes, and gender. 

The aim of the event is to bring together all things beauty related. Glamcon goers were treated to a one of kind makeover by Stylelux Salon and Paintbox Artistry. They were able to hear insipiring talks and attend workshops given by some of the country’s best beauty gurus. Also, they got the chance to interact with their favorite beauty vloggers in the Glam Gala Stage.  
Stylelux Salon booth where Queen ticket holders can enjoy a complete hair makeover!

Makeup artists from Paintbox Artistry glammed up Glamcon goers in the Makeup Studio lounge!
With beauty vlogger and makeup artist, Ana Victorino of @anavictorinotv, in the VIP lounge as she waits for her turn in the Glam Gala Sta…

A Beach Trip to Kickstart the New Year!

Hello 2018!!! I have high hopes for you!!! No pressure no pressure!!! 😆
I’m all about starting the year right!  For some reason I believe that your mood at the start of the year will dictate the kind of mood you’ll be in for the rest of your year. I don’t know how true that is for most people but for me it’s kinda true. And besides, it’s always better to start the year with positivity and energy, yeah? 
I guess for us (I say us now ‘coz I have to get used to it, tee-hee!), the start of the year was welcomed with an awesome beach trip up North with the Canillas fambam! We went to Anvaya Cove in Morong, Bataan. It’s already our second time there and I’m so glad that I was able to enjoy the beach more this time. The weather was so perfect, the water was clear and calm. Small fishes were actually swimming around us, as in shallow waters ha! I should really invest on a good waterproof camera for my beach trips. It sucks not being able to capture moments like that. ‘Coz you know, if it’s …

I Thee Wed

Everything is starting to sink in. The real and intense planning for our upcoming wedding will start as soon as the new year comes and I can't help but to feel worried. I've witnessed 4 weddings this year and they're all amazing in their own special way. Each couple really took their time to plan everything out, from the budget to the look and feel of their receptions. I'm curious to know how they did it. What are their challenges. 
I'm a huge planner and worrier. I worry even about the smallest things. Right now, I have a lot of what ifs. What if we can't save enough money to pay for the caterer slash stylist? What if we don't achieve what we set out to achieve on our wedding day? 
I saw the pressure on EJ's face when I sat him down to talk about our finances. I think that was the first real talk we had on that topic ever since we got engaged. We should have done it sooner. You see between the two of us, I’m more equipped to handle the finances. I act…

2017 Greatest Hits

We're about to complete another 365-day revolution around the sun and you guys know what that means, YEAR END ROUND UP!!! Yasss! Well, not everything was great about 2017 but I’m still grateful for all of the learnings, challenges, and opportunities that came my way. Happiness is really just a state of mind. You can be happy wherever you are in the world, whatever type of work you do, whoever you’re with, as long as you have a grateful heart.

So, here we go!

1.  I got promoted and became a Squad Lead for Shopify! 

What I learned from this role? 

- This role taught me to be more patient.
- I learned that every leader has their own leadership style so I should stay true to my own.
- I learned to be more observant.
- I realized that you really can’t please everyone and that shouldn’t be my focus.
- The quote “with great power comes great responsibility” is sooo true!
- I realized how much I hate admin works, hahaha!
- I learned the value of radical candor and extreme ownership.
- Had m…

Happy's Ms. to Mrs. Bridal Shower Bootcamp

I got invited to Happy Andrada's Bridal Shower Bootcamp. Naturally, any event that has something to do with being a bride-to-be gets me super excited. The timing is just perfect 'coz I'm actually checking out different wedding gown designers online for options. 
So just to give you a quick background on Happy, she's a fashion designer and make up artist who is set to tie the knot this November! She took up fashion courses at Central Saint martins in London and has been making a name for herself in the fashion industry. Currently, her wedding collection is doing well both here and abroad. She won two major awards in the 3rd Asian Weddings and Arts Competition in Hong Kong and Miami Fashion Week International Emerging Designer. You can check out her designs in this beautifully curated website, Happy Andrada Wedding. Surprisingly, her wedding gown packages are not that expensive so I might actually consider it. 
During the event, Happy showcased her Cuban Chic Collection…